U of T Electrical & Computer Engineering Club


These spaces are maintained by ECE Club.

Location: SF B660 (Basement of Sandford Fleming)
Hours: 24/7 T card access.
Description: The ECE common room is the ultimate hang-out spot for ECEs. You’ll find a large
flat screen TV w/ HDMI input + Xbox 360 + Netflix, a foosball table, couches, Wii with CRT TV,
and the cheapest pop of all the common rooms. (75 cents)

Location: SF B640 (Basement of Sandford Fleming)
Description: Come and say hi if the door is open. If it’s closed, we might be hard at work
planning events for you, or discussing issues to talk to the ECE department about; knock
anyway. In addition to being the Club’s working space, it also houses a small library of
textbooks, and Altera DE2, and other ECE related materials. Any one is free to use them
as long as you stay in the office.


These labs are maintained by the ECE department and they all have printers.

Location: GB251E, GB243, SF2102, SF2204
Operating System: UNIX
Hours: 24/7 key code access.
Description: These labs are separate from ECF labs, and are reserved for ECE students. For security purposes, there is an entrance code to the labs. If you are reSOURCEful enough, you might find the passcode on this page, or you can ask your fellow ECE students.Congratulations! The password is 16384. You will be given an account to the lab computers in 2nd semester of 2nd year for one of your courses, and will retain access to the labs afterwards. There are 100 computers spread between these 4 labs. If you cannot find a spot, you can use another computer (Say an ECF computer) to remote into the eecg machines.

EECG Computer Labs

Location: SF B520 (Basement of Sandford Fleming)
Operating System: Windows

9am – 9pm (Mon – Thurs)
9am – 5pm (Friday)
10am – 5pm (Sat – Sun)

Description: The design centre has almost everything you’ll to help with personal or school
related project. They have 12 Altera DE2 board workstations, 3 networking stations (for students
in networking courses), soldiering stations, power supplies, signal generators, multi-metres, and
oscilloscopes, and computer-only workstations with their own subnet for internet-based projects.
In addition, students can book out DE2 boards, robotic arms, wires, breadboards, wire strippers,
and assorted other ECE paraphernalia by giving the lab manager your T-card. The design
centre computers are tied to your ECF account. You can login to the computers with your ECF
username and password.

Location: BA3128
Operating System: Windows
Hours: 24/7 T-card swipe access
Description: The undergrad lab has 40 windows computer workstations. They share the same
file-system as the Design Centre computers, but sadly you’ll have to bring your own DE2 if you
want to work on computer hardware.

Location: BA1120
Operating System: Windows
Hours: 24/7 T-card swipe access
Description: The ECE Study Room is a large space available for ECE’s to study and chill. It’s has a number of tables and whiteboards to work on as well as a whole bunch of couches to take those quick naps in between classes.

There are also lockers installed inside the Study Room, come to ECE Club Office, SF B640 to rent one.


We have 60 lockers for rent until the end of April!

Price: $50

These are half size lockers and they are located in the ECE Study Hall (BA
1120). Stop by the ECE Club Office (SF B640) to rent one!